I have been developing software with Java since 2006. I have developed applications with Java almost all of my professional life. I served as team leader and assistant manager. I am currently working as a Senior Java Developer. I have been giving private lessons and training on Java technologies since 2012. I also provide consultancy to companies on establishing and managing Java software teams. I had the opportunity to work with students at many of the best universities in the world and see how java is explained there. People who graduate from Computer Engineering and want to become software developers often do not have sufficient knowledge for business life. I decided to establish javaci.net in order to solve the handicap of “inexperienced software developers cannot be hired” experienced by university graduates.
It is not possible to explain any programming language in detail at universities; the aim of the university is not to teach Java or any other program language in detail with all its libraries. For this reason, a newly graduated student needs to improve himself in order to become a software developer who can produce work. However, the sector needs software developers who can produce work immediately. Therefore, when hiring software developers, employees with at least a few years of experience are preferred. I intend to close this gap with the trainings I give on javaci.net.

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